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The idea of The House of Loom was born over endless visits to home stores in Delhi , while we looked at refurbishing our new house.

We wanted to do up our space in a minimalistic yet aesthetic approach that celebrates India, but with a modern twist and were surprised that despite scouting every nook and corner around town, we couldn't find anything befitting. 

One night , over our midnight green tea ritual , my daughter suggested that we should develop our own designs for the house.

While I dismissed the thought then, I woke up next morning thinking it was a good idea after all.

Driven by a passion for arts and textiles , I could use my textile designing background and my father's handloom manufacturing arm to create some pieces with a distinct entity.

While I worked on our 'project home' , I realised this was an extremely satisfying feeling.

The Indian textile industry , that was so close to my heart was witnessing a slow demise. My father, who has been in the handloom business since 1970 was struggling due to absence of skilled labour and mundane , repetitive designs. It was upsetting to see a 40 year old business slowing down owing to these factors.

On my trips to the looms, I saw that the trade was labour oriented, and one could make a difference to lots of people, who are semi skilled, uneducated , especially women.

That's when I decided that this would be it. I started a textile label that would use ingenuous designs in traditional Indian techniques and use my passion and skill set along side our family handloom business.

That's how 'The House of Loom ' was born , in the winters of 2015 in New Delhi.

A big part of getting back to a career in textiles wasn’t planned,but has been one of my best decisions so far!


- Meenu Kochhar

Design Director

The House of Loom Team


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B - 4/25, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon - 122002, Haryana

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